Washing Your Woolies

Dowload this FREE little tutorial with step by step directions for cleaning your wool garments, blankets, and accessories - (These directions are not for shrinking or fulling wool garments for recycling - just for cleaning the ones you wear/use.). Click HERE to download the file. See my Shrinking Sweaters for Recycling freebie for prepping sweaters for recycling.

Shrinking Sweaters for Recycling

This little FREE download explains how I process the sweaters I use for recycling. Once fulled, the sweaters are sorted for next steps. The best quality heavy felts are used for my blankets. Sweater weight get used for my chop-shop sweaters. The poorest quality, mixed fiber, stained, holey or otherwise lack-luster sweaters make glorious Potholder Rugs. It is hard to know how a sweater will fare through the preparation process which makes it difficult to purchase sweaters with a specific end-use in mind. Some sweaters shrink and shrink and shrink (and can become sorta like cardboard and not that useful). Other sweaters just won’t shrink no matter what you do. I avoid using superwash wool and can use sweaters that are at least 75% wool or other natural animal fiber. (Potholder Rugs can be made out of literally any fiber.)