I wasn't that into politics....

Before all hell broke loose in 2017 and Donald Trump became the 45th President and DIVIDED the once United States of America and Hilary vanished into the Hudson Valley after her loss - I wasn't really that political. I supported Obama and adored Michelle and all was right with the world.


Two of my best friends here in Denver lived in DC before moving west and and their level of politics intimidated me to no end. They knew all the ins and outs of our country's governing system. I would sit in their living room and they would yell at the TV and at get all fired up on Twitter while I was sipping wine and playing with the dog. 

But then things shifted. Suddenly - there was a serious momentum building and Hilary was an absolute shoe in and I had something to get really excited about. The future really was female at that point - I was hopeful and ready to get behind a momentous shift in the paradigm of gender inequality. There was no way in hell "Grab 'em by the pussy..." was going to be our President. 

We all know how that worked out. We've experienced an exhausting year and a half of being governed in 140 characters. 

Today, I'm not sure it's possible to NOT be political in the current state of affairs. Because the scales are tipping so dramatically in either direction (nuclear warfare, #TimesUp, the wall - it's all so extreme) - we're experiencing an equivalent amount of engagement in standing up against issues fighting for what's right: equality and freedom.

On March 24th, I can't wait to march in Denver with a like-minded community of people who believe in gun control. Children and teachers, church communities, Vegas concert goers: all of America needs to see stricter gun laws. We need this to stop.

In a way, the future has to be female. She's all we have left. I'm glad I'm political now - I want to help tip the scales towards positivity and hope.