My Friends, Family, and Tribe!

I’m taking the opportunity to shout out some of my friends who are a part of my newsletter. When I say friends, I mean every single one of you. When I say family, I mean the same - and tribe - of course this is when we’re standing in our eco-warrior power!


Michelle R. - Massachusetts

“You are an inspiration and love what you have done for your community~creative fun~Thank you for being all that you are~Many Blessings~Much Love!”

Susan G. - Amsterdam

“I’m living in Amsterdam NL but visit at the FL address with my frail mom who has Alzheimers 🙁. When I look at your online site, I feel so at peace with joy in my soul. Your work... especially your quilts and covers are like being in the forest for me.”

Kellie M. - New York

“I can't wait to meet you in person some day, and from what I read, I imagine you are a special kind of creative person and not just doing this for the money.”