Blog Theme ~ Dressing in Layers

Layering-Like-a-Pro-Sweaters It is daylight savings day when an extra hour of delicious time swirls around the day making everything a little less rushed. It is also BRISK, windy and COLD in our neck of the woods. This weather that I love still never fails to surprise me each year with its initial unwelcome slap of chill, that dissipates as my wardrobe completes the transition to Layers.

We have lots of things that need buttoning up outdoors before the snow flies. As I sit in our cozy house, my hubby is outside wrapping our primitive foundation with its annual leaf blanket blocking out the cold for the long winter. Early this morning my walk with the dogs was well lit and cozy as I tripped along down our quiet dirt road in five layers of clothing. Wool is a must, as is the correct fit – keeping the updrafts out and allowing building heat to work itself out on the hearty climb home.

Dressing in layers is key and something that not everyone has in the know. It is important to have a close fitting first layer. I usually go with a t-shirt and in very cold weather wear cashmere as a base layer. Second layer today is a light long sleeved pullover, followed by a close fitting wool vest, then a big wool zipper cardigan, long enough to cover my butt. Today, this was topped off with an old oversized NorthFace fleece someone left at my house more than 10 years ago - great for keeping the wind out and cleaning our coop.

This week we are focusing on dressing in layers. It is comfortable, allows for quick temperature adjustments throughout the day, and will help keep your heat set a degree or two lower reducing the need for quite so much fossil fuel.e8539ba676e5d1dea99153cb13fcd6c5

Are you interested in playing along?  Leave a comment below about how how you wear your cold weather wardrobe.  We encourage participation in this blog and ask readers to email in a weekly image that speaks to the theme of the week.  Just send your images off to: by Wednesday evening for inclusion in One Thousand Words, our Friday column - a gallery of pictures submitted by our readership.  Captions include the photographers name and business name (if applicable).