Shindy Spotlight - Shire City Herbals

Shire City Sanctuary will host what grew out of my annual Holiday Studio Sale - The Shire City Sanctuary Holiday Shopping Shindy* on December 7, from 5-8pm and December 8&9, 2012 from 10-6 both days.   Each of the 40 vendors and notable musicians will be featured here between now and then so stop back and see all about it.  Make your list, and check it twice.

*Shindy [shin-dee] noun, plural shin·dies. Informal.  1. a row; rumpus.  2. a shindig.

Dana St. Pierre, the chef behind the recipe and Amy Huebner, along with her brother Brian, the artist behind the labels, are running this small family business together. The three of them do everything from shipping and retail distribution to making, bottling and even hand applying all those cool labels! Dana and Amy started Shire City Herbals Inc. as an extension of their own self care. We recognized the benefits of taking a daily dose of our homemade ‘Fire Cider’ and decided we had to start making enough to share. We aim to provide a food based supplement with broad ranging health benefits to our local community that is accessible, effective, unique and based on traditional healing principles.