ReconsumerEyes - Earth Day

By Lindsay Loodle for Crispina ffrench Always on the look out for helpful ways to maintain the lifestyle I/we love while reducing the pile of waste at the end of the day, this weekly column showcases my findings to inspire our collective strive for a diminishing footprint. What do you use, or do, in your life that helps reduce the waste you create in your day? Suggestions welcome!

Earth Day, a day founded in 1970 to bring environmental issues into the spotlight, was no milestone yesterday – policymakers around the world continue to make decisions that hurl us closer to the two-degree global temperature increase. The majority of the world lives in a culture of denial or non-responsibility.

But Earth Day yesterday was a good reminder about the importance of continuing to raise awareness and develop alternative ways of living that favor the Earth. Our ReconsumerEyes see hope as more and more organizations and individuals accumulate towards a massive wave of transformation. Slowly but surely, the modern world is learning to redefine it’s relationship to the natural world.

This week, one such example of a group of people endeavoring to spread awareness about environmental issues caught our attention. Global Water Dances is an international network of movement experts creating one day of synchronized dances around the globe to shed light on water issues. Through movements that evoke the quality of water and reveal what life is like without safe access to water, the group – composed of hundreds of movers and shakers – bring attention to how the seizure of public water supplies by private bottling companies has deprived 780 million people worldwide of this vital substance.

Global Water Dances will be launching their second global performance on June 15, 2013, and you can join! Each action is a drop in the ocean, making every other action more plausible, more likely, more hopeful. Our global and national institutions aren’t up to the task of facing climate change, but in communities everywhere, people are finding ways to defy and disrupt the culture of denial and inaction. The culture of responsibility is growing. It rocks, and we are part of it. Find more ways to dance, paint, and sew your way towards a solution!