Holiday Shindy Spotlight

Shire City Sanctuary will host what grew out of my annual Holiday Studio Sale - The Shire City Sanctuary Holiday Shopping Shindy* on December 7, from 5-8pm and December 8&9, 2012 from 10-6 both days.   Each of the 40 vendors and notable musicians will be featured here between now and then so stop back and see all about it.  Make your list, and check it twice.

*Shindy [shin-dee] noun, plural shin·dies. Informal.  1. a row; rumpus.  2. a shindig.

Today's featured vendor:


I am trying to remember the first time I met Richard Bourdon.  It was probably with my dad when I was half grown.  There is some sort of connection that Europeans share with their bread.  As I dig through that section of memories in my head, there is an air of rejoicing associated with Richard coming to town and opening Berkshire Mountain Bakery.  He makes what my father called REAL bread.  It is delicious, made with wholesome natural ingredients in a building and process that time forgot.  One tastes the tradition and love.

Years ago, my dear friend Shari Trnka came to visit my Housatonic studio which was just a short hop from Berkshire Mountain Bakery.  We swung into the dirt driveway to get a couple fresh loaves as they came out of the oven.  Shari was so happy to have found, in my home village, the source of the bread she snapped up at her Coop in Newark, DE.  She couldn’t believe her good luck – not only to have Richard’s unmatched product in her hands still warm from the oven, but to meet it’s maker.  Now Shari lives out in Olympia, WA and writing this post reminds me that I forgot to overnight ship her a couple loaves of her favorite everyday varieties for her birthday (last week!).  I guess that is testimonial enough to say you should make a point of getting to our Shindy and loading up on the most amazing traditional holiday Panettones and other special treats Richard conjures up for just a short time every year!  Don’t miss out.  Add this noteworthy Berkshire delicacy to your tradition.  Yummm.

Oh and Shari, get ready, there is a box on its way, leaving here on Monday.