The human experience is a trickster. It is a lens that distorts the Truth.

The human body and mind forces certain dispositions on the entity, turning experience into an interpretation of distortions.

It is like looking through a Pocket Object. The glass form is a transparency that cannot be seen alone without also including the reflections of its environment. What is seen also depends on the elements within the form itself, what makes up this object both on the exterior and interior.

Furthermore, each person who looks at the Pocket Object will experience something differently because of their individual make up – their physical abilities, interests, mood…the associations they will make based on previous experiences, and their relationship to the person, place, or form itself.

Humans see and are seen based on these things as well. It is part of the human experience – the way we move through life and form our reality.

This isn’t to say that the human experience isn’t valid. It is also a part of the truth…but there seems to be so much to gain by seeing the lens itself, understanding it is there - rather than believing the things we see and experience are the Ultimate Truth.

But tricksters are wise - they play tricks for a reason. 

I believe the human experience is something like a challenge, a code, or maybe like rules in a game...

We are all players in one way or another, constantly making moves that will impact the playing field for everyone else.

Not everyone has the same intentions within this game - some people are competitive, some just want to have a good time, some were forced to play but would rather be doing something else...but everyone is in the same boat with having the opportunity to respond to some things, and having to play according to certain rules of the game.

Sometimes it takes a while before the game of life starts to become more clear - tricks of the game are exposed, people give hints along the way, certain bridges have been crossed and won't have to be crossed again...

I went in two different directions on this blog post...I could probably get a lot deeper into them if I continued writing for hours...but I have three weeks until my thesis exhibition, so for now I will leave it with this!

I am curious to hear what your thoughts are...and what analogies you like to use in your life!

And just to throw it in here because I think analogies are a great way to recognize the tricksters of the human experience...

Within a big box of tomatoes, a few rotten ones have an overwhelming presence.

If no one sorts through the box to take those rotten ones out, the whole box will go bad quicker than before.

To save them, it takes a belief that something good will come out of the effort of sorting through the box.

Something very important to keep in mind as well...rotten tomatoes still make good compost.


Lots of Love to You

I hope you find the wonderful things that exist in the day and the night.