Weekly Theme ~ Screen Printing

This week I am beginning to search out artists to show at Shire City Sanctuary's professional BINGO! Gallery.  Shire City Sanctuary is the Not For Profit my hubby and I founded in Pittsfield MA.  It is a Makerspace focused on Screen Printing, Sewing, Technology, and a beautiful Commercial Kitchen.  Gallery shows will focus on artwork produced onsite or with tools we have onsite - helping people understand what is possible in the Makerspace.  While my head is wrapped up in getting the word out to possible showing artists, I thought it would be good to show you guys some inspiring screen prints (also known as serigraphy) I found on Etsy.  Take a look here and let me know if you, or someone you know is an artist who might be a good fit for BINGO! 

For more information - including how to purchase, any of the items featured in the images above you can click on them and be taken to the corresponding Etsy shop.  Part of my mission here is to shine a light on hand-makers and encourage cultural support of these folks. 

Weekly Themes are back!  Submit an image by Wednesday that pertains to be featured in Friday's 1000 Words post right here.  Along with your original image please send your name and email.