Happy Birthday Lucy as we Settle In

Happy 11th Birthday to Lucy today!  We all had a wonderful day celebrating our amazing kiddo.  She got an iPad, which she was super happy about.  Now we need to set parameters around its use. 

This picture was taken a couple weeks ago - a perfect visual of Lucy's spirit

This picture was taken a couple weeks ago - a perfect visual of Lucy's spirit

Mostly we will be using it for home schooling during our family hiatus.  We are planning to get started with that on Monday. 

Meanwhile, getting settled into the time change always takes a few days.  Kids were up til midnight and we had to drag them out of bed at 11 am.  Daylight here is fleeting.  Sun comes up around 9 and goes down by 4.  Twilight lasts an hour on either end of the day. 

Yesterday we went into Galway to see Auntie Ellie who has landed back in the hospital – seemingly due to the stress of her heirs fighting over who is in charge.  Arg!  Selfish/UnkindHoping to have a positive impact on it all.

Galway was packed with the Irish Christmas spirit.  Ferris wheel, carousel and carnival games, face painting and market in Eyre Square were a wonderful happening to stumble across.  Family tickets for the ferris wheel were €15.  We got a birdseye view of this ancient city on the sea and loved the slow turning pace. 

We are working on securing a car.  It is seems impossible to get car insurance here – the woman on the phone (at the third company we contacted) said they can’t insure artists!  Also need to decipher affordable and efficient phone communication.  My new iPhone from the states seems unable to place or receive calls – while Chris’ phone (my old iPhone) is fine. 

These challenges are easy to surmount.

What about Donald?  The more I read the stranger it gets.  Ivanka is going to play the role of First Lady??  This is no dress rehearsal peeps! 

Oooffff from here it sure looks like life as we know it in the grand ‘Ole US of A is rolling away from the comfort we have lived in.  Looks like our democracy is crumbling and we are tumbling into an abyss of judgment and division without a handle to grab. 

Looking forward to seeing what happens with the Electoral College on Monday. 

There are good things about this buffoon we have on our horizon.  He has encouraged engagement in our governmental process.   May all the good people working for a healthy harmonious planet come together as one golden force of light and make things right.

We walked to the pub for a pint of Guiness last night as the girls snuggled under heavy blankets in our cozy Irisih digs.