Hello Hello

IMG_3344 Wowsers! Sorry for the long silence.  My Limited Access social experiment continues as I work out details of how much time is needed to formulate and maintain a wholesome online presence.

My head has been stuck inside the making that happens in my studio, cooking healthy food and continued work toward simplifying our lives and reducing our belongings. While enjoying this focus, I miss my online community and the interaction with, and connection to you all. Now my search is for that precious balance that will allow me creative work time, healthy food and exercise, deep and loving family connection and the ability to stay in touch without the crazy distraction of information overload. Seems like in order for this to work, I’ll need to schedule and plan and therefore be more organized. I often laugh at the idea that I am the most organized and tidy person in my house. If you know me you understand that this means the level of chaos in our home is high. Our chaos is blessed, as open communication, genuine love, caring and harmony counter it.


Calm the chaos.


Stay in touch.