Freak of the Week - Kristen Parker

Hey, Hey, hey!!! The FREAK OF THE WEEK is BACK!  Come see what makes Kristen Parker tick and check back next week for more! super dad - screen print on paper - Kristen Parker 2016

  1. Tell our readers a little about you, and your history, your passion, your work.02.05.16 KP portrait

Hi!! I grew up in the eastern part of Massachusetts. I moved out here to the Berkshires about 8 years ago. Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to stay long, but then I found great friends and had a ton of adventures. I now have an awesome family and couldn’t see myself anywhere else!

I started making art at a young age. My mom is a seamstress/pattern maker and when I was little I would stay up late with her in the studio. cutting holes in fabric, making button covers.. pretty much admiring her skill set.

I studied photography in my early 20’s and completed a two year program at The New England School of Photography. Although I consider photography to have stolen my sole, I have a really hard time staying focused in one medium. When I want to explore new things.  I don’t really let anything hold me back. I haven’t found many mediums I have disliked working with, frustrating.. yes, but I just seem to love it all and feel there is always room for new ideas and processes.


  1. Tell a story, have we met? When? Where? Who introduced us? Oh, maybe you are my niece, well, just give a little history here. People love a setting.

Oh we’ve met!! At a bar.. lol!! I first met you at The Dream Away Lodge. I think I bought one of your skirts (I still have it). We just got to know each other over they years and when I found myself preggos a couple years ago.. you hired me as a hand stitcher.. which for me was great.. because I wasn’t sure how I was going to stay active artistically, since most of my projects at the time weren’t too fit for a pregnant lady. I was very thankful that you took me in and kept my hands and brain busy!

bikes - handprinted photo - Kristen Parker 2013

  1. Imagine a story. It is 2030, what are you up to? What is the world looking like?

OMG! I’ve programmed robots to update my website, track my inventory, update all my paper work on a bi weekly basis! My daughter Pippin is off exploring the underworlds of the earth (whatever that means). I'm home my with husband.. in a home we built ourselves.. with our pigs, cows and goats. My studio is off in the back and I'm still showing art. Along with that, I have an awesome art center I run with my friends offering residencies /workshops / classes whatever our young hearts put our minds to!

  1. If you had the power to make one change in the world what would it be?

I would make everyone stop blowing each other up.

elephants - screenprint - Kristen Parker 2015

  1. What are you most passionate about?

My family, my art and seeing all the world before I die.

  1. How did this passion come to be?

I don’t know. I’ve always been a family kind of gal, I’ve always made art, and I’ve always had travel in my life. I owe that to my parents for exposing me to the idea of seeing the world, and exploring other cultures.

  1. Who/What has been most influential in your work/life?

Again.. lol.. my family. On my mom and dads side, my family is filled with designers, painters, drafters, writers.. And my daughter keeps me moving. I want her to see me as a role model showing her that hard work pays off and she can fulfill any passion she has. The way she sees me means a lot to me and how I work.

free range - handprinted photo - Kristen Parker 2014

  1. Where do you find your inspiration/motivation?

Books mostly. I love books!

  1. Aside from working, how do you spend your time?

I try to walk a lot with my dog and my daughter. (although this cold weather would prove me a liar right about now) I play frisbee golf with my hubby every once in awhile. He’s really good at it so when I play the competitive side comes out for sure. I also love to cook from scratch!

  1. Tell about a life transformation you have experienced.

When I experienced child birth for the first time.

  1. Do you have a prized possession? What is it? How did it come to you?

My moms drafting board. I don’t use it as much as I use too, but she gave it to me years ago, and I’ve just kind of held on to it. She also handed down 2 of her really nice sewing machines to me.

  1. Tell about a magical moment that comes to mind when you look back on your life experience.

When I held my daughter for the first time. I know, so cheesy, but the funny part was I couldn’t stop looking at her.. The nurse brought me a turkey sandwich at like 4 in the morning, and at that point, I asked her if it was ok to put my baby down.. because I really needed to go to sleep. I had this terrifying moment thinking that I wasn’t going to have free hands again for 18 years.. lol. The nurse laughed at me, and put my baby in her bassinet.

  1. If you were able to spend an afternoon with anyone – dead or alive, who would it be? What plans would you make for your outing?

Idk…. Probably Irving Penn, a well known fashion photographer.. I don’t know what I would say to him.. but I would probably want to have coffee with him.. and just pick his brain about life.

  1. What is your favorite place and/or way to spend time?

On a large body of water.. Ocean or Lake. Getting in and out of the water! Maybe body surfing with my sisters..

  1. What is your goal or main focus for your next 12 months?

I'm trying really hard to organize my life as an artist. I’ve put together a website and have been making a lot of new work.. and want to continue with this. I’d like to expose myself to new places to exhibit and sell my work. Im ready to take this side of my life more seriously.

  1. Do you have an upcoming event or significant happening that you would like to promote with your blog posting? When? Where? Details and contact information please.                                                                                      YES!! You can view my new work on my website and at Shire City Sanctuary's BINGO! gallery for the month of February at 40 Melville St. in Pittsfield, MA.  Come to the opening on Friday Feb 5th 5-8pm -  So friggin excited!!!postcard_front