Environmental Tidbit

Farmers' Market Dresses made 100% recycled cotton t-shirts I started my business in 1987 with confidence that I could change the way the world saw discarded material - introducing fresh ways to conjure use where none had been seen prior. Earthday 2015 was just a few days ago (April 22nd) and every year I feel like the world is more full of environmental atrocities that seem insurmountable. It gets me down.

This year I viewed a screening of a film called Inhabit, The Permaculture Prospective on Earthday. I am so happy to say that I am full of hope and a newly imparted drive to spread the word that we can make a giant U turn for our environment. Rather than working toward sustainability - I'm marching toward reparation.

In my shop you will find my latest contributions to my march toward being part of the solution.

You in?