Weekly Treasury - Word

'Word' by Becca Strout for Crispina ffrench There have been many inspiring leaders over the years. They come in times of unrest as a beacon, showing us that the true measure of strength is gentility, and there is no greater measure of power than peace.

MLK Photo Magnet - Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere Large 2.25 inch Martin Luther King Fridge Magnet Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Art - Quote by Harriet Tubman - Every Dreamer - large wall mural Kindness is my Religion Typography Digital Print - Dalai Lama Quote - Be Kind - Violet Purple Plum - Home Decor Quote by Rachel Carson written in calligraphy (Italic) on hand decorated paper with cancelled stamps.
Nelson Mandela Education Quote Change the World on Vintage Upcycled Recycled Dictionary Art Print Book Art Print ROSA PARKS Quote Hand Typed Quote Made with Vintage Typewriter Rosa Parks Quote The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in the Beauty of Their Dreams, Elanor Roosevelt Quote, Original Hand Painted Art Print Abraham Lincoln Quote Poster - Create Your Future  - Black and white vintage Inspirational Print
Enlightenment Quote When you accept yourself, the whole world accepts you."  Lao Tzu Motivational quote Gloria Steinem quote - letterpress poster - The Truth Will Set You Free If You Are Neutral In Situations Of Injustice ... - 5" x 7" Motivational journal, inspirational journal, journal, notebook, diary, scrapbook 12 Change the world cards - featuring a quote by Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. Illustrated with original artwork- set of 12.
Maya Angelou quote- "how people make you feel" People are often unreasonable illogical and self centered forgive them anyway... Mother Theresa quote wood sign Gandhi Be the Change You want to see in the World Raw Art Letterpress typography poster Martin Luther King Jr Quote - Our LIves Begin To End The Day We Become Silent About Things That Matter - MLK Quote - Dictionary Art Print

Every week we gather a handful of treasures around a theme, from Etsy - an online marketplace featuring handmade wares, vintage items, and supplies for making. Weekly treasuries are normally featured here on Mondays.  You can click on the images above and be taken to a place on Etsy where there is more information about and pictures of that item. Crispina’s online shop is located on Etsy along with a whole ton (like over 800,000) of other handmakers, vintage resellers and material retailers. If you have a minute, leave a comment – it is always so nice to hear from you and build community right here in cyberspace!  Join us in supporting Handmade, Recycled, Organic, and Locally Produced wares for living. Enjoy

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