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Sweater Chop Shop at Shire City Sanctuary Last Friday and Saturday Shire City Sanctuary hosted my workshop entitled The Sweater/ Sweatshirt Chop Shop. As with all my workshops, a whole bunch of overwhelmingly amazing students turned up from far flung places from West Stockbridge, Ma to Northern Ontario! We spent two solid days delving into creative high-jinx cutting and hand sewing garments from the thrift shop into personalized wearable art.  Finished pieces were as noteworthy as makers, ranging in age from 13-60 this time around.

Witnessing the empowerment that free-range creativity has on a roomful of willing workers makes me know this teaching path is the right one for me. Hand sewing is magic in my summation. The simple act of pushing thread through fabric with nothing more than ones hands can transform a flat piece to anything imaginable. Inexpensive, Simple, Transformative, and Ancient.  Magic Certainly.

Maybe you are a hand sewer? What is your favorite kind of hand sewing? Each Friday, a column here called One Thousand Words features a collection of images submitted by readers based on that week’s theme. Send an image with 1000 Words in the subject line by Wednesday night to Crispina for inclusion this week!01.06.15 Handsewing 2