ReConsumerEYES: DeClutter

by Lorne Holden Stuff. We love it, right? However....

... during the Holidays, our homes can feel like explosions of stuff. Paper, food, decorations, gifts, gift wrapping - it's all there in spades. While some of it can feel festive, the disarray brought on by too much clutter can bring a real sense of visual weight to one's surroundings. Why not take some time to clear things up?

It's great to remember that it doesn't have to take long to declutter a space. The pictures below demonstrate how our toy area went from a cumbersome mess to a clear joy with only fifteen minutes of focussed attention. No kidding! And the gift of the new view will be felt for much longer than that. Here's the before..

Declutter 1


And here's the after..

DSC_0007A great improvement, don't you think?

Decluttering your space offers up a variety of benefits – some obvious and others more subtle. The most obvious benefit is having a space with a clear and welcoming view. What's in view is both what is chosen and what is necessary, either for aesthetic or practical purposes. The power of this cannot be overstated – to walk into a home that is well organized is both calming and inspiring. When the home is your home, you get to feel those great things every day. When your guests come, they feel welcomed and happy and you get to feel proud.

Another great benefit is saving time – you don't have to hunt for items when they are in clear view and you'll have less to clean. Your home will be safer too as you'll be less likely to trip or fall over objects when you know where they are and can see them.

You'll have more space too. Or actually, you'll have made more space with the space that you already have. The Chinese believe this matters – in their of Feng Shui, the flow of energy is a crucial. The belief is that when there is more space around things, energy can flow and your environment will be healthier. So when you create space through organizing and decluttering your belongings, you are actually inviting a larger wellness into your environment.

Perhaps most importantly, to have a decluttered space offers up peace of mind. Your environment is supporting you with it's clarity and beauty rather than honking at you with it's visual chaos as in the scene below. clutter with baby

Grab some time and lighten up your home this holiday season! Small efforts can really help you keep on top of things and the result of having a clear, organized home will be a great gift to yourself and to others.

Lorne Holden is an artist and author of the Bestseller "MAKE IT HAPPEN in Ten Minutes a Day/The Simple, Lifesaving Method for Getting Things Done." She often sets a timer for ten minutes and then she and her son clean and organize his bedroom before the bell goes off. Works every time! Check out her amazing online course "LifeBloom" which is a three week adventure in making things happen.