Blog Theme - Halloween/Day of the Dead

Bat spider Sifting seems to be a lot of how I spend my parenting time. Trying my best to filter out exposure to the world’s atrocities while maintaining a gentle touch with current events and youth culture. When we stop and assess there are a lot of really great things happening in the world. This week we are featuring a ceremonial perspective of Halloween and The Day of the Dead. It is especially pertinent for my family this year, as it seems that FINALLY after nearly FIVE years, the artist creating my parents’ headstone will have the work complete. We will certainly participate in the obligatory mischief and candy hording of trick or treating. We will also spend an evening lauding Primm and John who we all miss.

I took my 7 and 8 year old daughters to the fabric store the other day to get fabric for making Halloween costumes. Violet, 7 wants to be Spider Girl and Lucy, 8, chose Bat Girl. I am pretty out of the super-hero-loop so went to Google to get some images. Holy CRAP! Female super heros are just so slutty! Seriously today’s cartoon world’s depiction of women is abysmal. After sifting through literally hundreds of images I was able to find one for each of my sweet littles that seemed safe to me.

If everything goes as planned, Spider Girl, Bat Girl, a Sugar Skullled Momma and various other ghouls will have high-jinx in the cemetery as October passes into November for mischief, candy, and oh so much more~


Are you interested in playing along?  Leave a comment below about how how you plan to celebrate Halloween or The Day of the Dead.  We welcome your participation in this blog by sending in an image that speaks to the theme of the week.  Just email it to by Wednesday evening for inclusion in One Thousand Words, our Friday column - a gallery of pictures submitted by our readership.  Captions include the photographers name and business name (if applicable).