Tutorial - Food Packages

This week our theme is Harvest/Food Preservation. Well this year I have not gotten to my traditional ‘Load the Pantry and Freezer for Winter” duties as things have been changing for me in the food consumption area of my life. Some of you have likely gotten wind of my Ulcerative Colitis diagnosis last year and my week-long Kushi Institute workshop last week where I was immersed in the healing power of Macrobiotics.   More on that another time but for now, let me just show you a little tutorial I put together for making plastic drink jugs into cute and functional food packages for the lunchboxes in your life. Milk/Juice Jugs Clean and Ready to Recycle


With a permanent marker draw a line all the way around the jug.  Start with a shape as shown above.


Continue drawing on second side of jug coming half way up the side and making points between as shown.


Side Three


And the fourth side (should match the second side for even flaps)


Cut along marked line.


Cut jug


Fold flaps down as shown and mark a dot on either side of the narrow 'neck' of the tab.  Cut a 1/4" slot out between your dots slightly wider than you have marked.


There you have it!  Pop the tab through the slot to keep closed.


Gallon sized jugs work perfectly for sandwiches while half gallon size make great snack boxes.

Note:  Any permanent marker will work fine.  Images show the first one I put my hand on in the studio.  Have a wonderful lunch!