Blog Theme ~ Recipes/Cookbooks/Menus

My kitchen Passed down spice jars and recipes along with, fresh eggs from the hen house Each week there is a blog theme that usually has something to do with what is going on in my world.  This week I’m thinking about end-of-day family meals for when we are back in the swing of school. I’d like to take advantage of our CSA’s bountiful harvest and stock the pantry and freezer with some meals, jams, and pickles that are healthy, freeze-able, and palatable for my family. I’m gluten and sugar free and educating myself in ways of controlling Ulcerative Colitis with food choices. My diet will likely be changing as I participate in two, week-long workshops I have on my fall and winter calendar. In the meantime, the larder will be full of easy options for my hubby and kids so I can focus on my dietary needs.

Oh, and another reason for this week’s theme is the fact that this fall Chris and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. We asked for, and received, some pretty amazing recipes (along with samples of these dishes) for wedding gifts at our 350 person potluck dinner held a couple months after our October 3, 2004 wedding day.  Since way back then, all these treasures have been stuffed into a folder in my file cabinet. This week I will organize them – and likely try a few out. Stay tuned.

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