Blog Theme - County/Agricultural Fairs

Berkshire County 4H Fair 2014 Each week there is a blog theme that usually has something to do with what is going on in my world.  This week we will be delving into all aspects of County/Agricultural Fairs.  My family has visited three Agricultural Fairs in the last three weeks.  Most of these events have been happening for over 100 years in our neck of the woods.  Steeped in history and local culture, Agricultural Fairs celebrate old school hard work and commitment that is not common in many other aspects of today's Unites States culture.  My daughters Lucy and Violet are sweet little care givers to all sorts of animals and recently showed their bunnies for the first time at our local 4H fair.  Each kid took home a ribbon and look forward to the next opportunity they will have to participate.  I am particularly smitten with 4H.  Got a bumper sticker to prove it.  It says, Join the Revolution of Responsibility 4H.  I'm in.  Revolution - Yes, Responsibility - Yes!

Oh and then there are the Oxen and Workhorse Pulls, my all time favorite aspect of the County fairs.  A old time tradition, a show of strength and connection between beast and person.  Nothing cyber about it - at all - REFRESHING!

Fran Mason's Ox 'Stone' weighs over 3000 lbs.


Have you been to an agricultural or county fair?  Let me recommend it.  Take along pretty much anyone of any age and be prepared for fun.  You might want to bring your own healthy food snacks (especially if you have any sort of dietary limitation).

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Middlefield MA August 2014