Scrap Bag Challenge - Pat Corrigan

Each artist who participated in the First EVER Scrap Bag Challenge that ran from March 22, 2014 til Earthday, and answered my05.30.14 Pat Corrigan.2 virtual interview questions will be featured here over the next few weeks. The Scrap Bag Challenge took place, on the fly, as a part of the unearthing and purging in my studio.  As Shire City Sanctuary comes to be, my studio shrinks with glee – allowing me renewed freedom from stuff  and allowing our Makerspace room to accommodate a sewing room, screen printing shop, and teaching space.

We had over 50 responses within 24 hours of posting on facebook and sending our eblast announcement!  50 boxes were shipped across the world from Germany to Australia to our neighbors here in Pittsfield!  Wowsers!  The EXCITEMENT!!

Check out Pat Corrigan! She is a passionate user of bits and scraps as you will see here.  We met at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival where our common friend Elena was helping me in my booth.  They were stumbling across each other's paths after a tight college friendship and 35 years or something.  Awesome three-way moment was shared right there!05.30.14 Pat Corrigan.3

  1. Three sentences about you – anything you want.

I love wool. I love to sew. I love orange anything.

  1. What additional materials did you use to complete your Challenge?

I didn't get any orange wool in my box of scraps so I just started sewing. I added 2 buttons and one pin.

  1. How were you inspired to create what you made?

The apron is everything that isn't me. The hat is!

  1. What’s your fondest Recycled/Reused experience?

I host a group I call "Use it Up". We meet on Thursdays and sew, sew sew.  We mostly recycle sweaters but we also talk and drink a lot of tea.

  1. If you could give advise to a large group of people what would it be?

Use it up!05.30.14 Pat Corrigan.1

And her AhH-MAAaaZing Apron and Hat ensemble~

05.30.14 Pat Corrigan.4