Scrap Bag Challenge - Michelle Reid

Each artist who participated in the First EVER Scrap Bag Challenge that ran from March 22, 2014 til Earthday, and answered my virtual interview questions will be featured here over the next few weeks.

The Scrap Bag Challenge took place, on the fly, as a part of the unearthing and purging in my studio.  As Shire City Sanctuary comes to be, my studio shrinks with glee – allowing me renewed freedom from stuff  and allowing our Makerspace room to accommodate a sewing room, screen printing shop, and teaching space.

We had over 50 responses within 24 hours of posting on facebook and sending our eblast announcement!  50 boxes were shipped across the world from Germany to Australia to our neighbors here in Pittsfield!  Wowsers!  The EXCITEMENT!!

Today we shine light on Michelle Reid - an amazing textile artist living in Great Barrington.  Read on and Share Share Share!

05.29.14 Michelle Reid.11.     Three sentences about you – anything you want.

I am blessed with 7 children and 6 grandchildren. I am Wampanoag, my native name is Raven Moon. I need to bring creativity into my life more.

2.     What additional materials did you use to complete your Challenge?

Added buttons for effect

3.     How were you inspired to create what you made?

I always count my blessings, being that I danced with stage 3 colon cancer.   I am blessed to watch my family grow. I try to have them count their blessings.

4.     What’s your fondest Recycled/Reused experience?

Wool sweater sleeves made into baby woolies, used ribbing for straps and added a gusset. I loved making them and gifting them to friends.

5.     If you could give advise to a large group of people what would it be?

Follow your passion, create your life around that and laugh often.

05.29.14 Michelle Reid.4