The First EVER Scrap Bag Challenge

04.22.14 Scrap Bag ChallengeOn March 22nd while continuing my studio purge, we discovered a couple large tubs full of scrap material taking up space.  In an effort to pass on a little creative inspiration to those around me, I thought I would offer a free box of scrap to anyone interested, in exchange for documenting the process.  Within 24hours of that first – admittedly off-the-cuff facebook post, and following eblast, we had over 50 responses!  People from literally around the globe wanted in!  We actually ran out of scrap and had to limit the offer to the first 50 responses. The next day we packed 50 boxes and sent them out into the world inspiring creative High-Jinx from Australia to Brooklyn and pretty much everywhere in between!

Everyday since March 22 we have been sent images that amaze!  The enthusiasm, joy, and unleashed creativity that came across our computer screens was inspiring and completely unexpected!  Our plan was to post images of all the finished work in a Cyber Art Show opening on Earthday.

So here it is just about the very end of Earthday 2014.  With a little more work to do to get this Cyber Art Show up and running.  Stay tuned.  Check back right here in the next day or two and see for yourselves the magic that I speak of, and in the meantime get a little glimpse here.