Freak of the Week ~ Chrisie Cordrey

Every week I feature a notable maker here on my blog.  Share around my inspiration so that you, too can see the magic that surrounds me.  Enjoy.

My name is Chrisie Cordrey and I have a lil’ biz called Corduroy Shop! It’s a place where I take old furniture along with vintage or antique textiles and make them dazzle!! In the process of seeing what’s possible from these amazing ingredients, I utilize traditional upholstery methods which are incredibly more earth friendly and yield great, long lasting results!

My workshop is located at 26 Gardina Lane, Ghent NY 12075. ring 518-598- 9550. Can make an appointment to see me and/or my work is available at Ida’s Eye, 711 Warren St in Hudson NY. Open Th-Sun, 11-5.

I met Crispina when I came to live in this area for the second time(this time to stay!). I’d been buying her work for years and delighting my home with her energy but now I was engaging in ‘making stuff’ so we connected! I think I went to her studio for a visit!

Cff: What is your current passion? My life, probably! I’m in a new chapter. I’m making with my hands. There are challenges every day. It’s rich!

Cff: How did you find that passion? While raising my son, as he got older, I always knew I’d want a next chapter and what would that be? My work is the compilation of what I love! Working with my hands, working with textiles, studying the handwork on some of these textiles, taking old things and seeing what’s possible with them!! Yup, that’s what I love!

Cff: Who/What has been most influential in your work? It’s the ingredients I find that determine the work! And aside from that, my Mom, Peg, who was an amazing seamstress!!

Cff: What keeps you on the path you have chosen? Passion!

Cff: Where do you find your inspiration/motivation? I look around and certain things just jump out! Usually the pieces I find provide all I need to get working and feel inspired! Most everything I use has had many lives before I am a part of it! I love that!!

Cff: Aside from working, how do you spend your time? Between my house and my barn and THIS winter, I keep a lot of fires going! : ) That’s been much of my time as of late! I love history, esp 18th C so I’ll attend any lecture I can find on that. I learn more and more about upholstery which I find endlessly fascinating!

Cff: What is one of your most transforming memories? Hmmmm, there are many but this one comes to mind........For most of my adult life I have lived in the coastal towns of So Calif. I was involved in the surf industry through both my career and later, my marriage. There was a day when I walked into a gardening shop (did I mention I’m NOT a gardener?) and I came upon this book. It was about some lady in Vermont named Tasha Tudor! I bought it. I bought everything I could find on her. I learned from her that there are endless ways that one can live this thing called ‘life’.

Cff: Do you have a prized possession? What is it? Yes, I love my wedding bracelet(no longer married but he’s a good pal and I love the bracelet) and my harvest table that I’ve moved with me everywhere!

Cff: Tell about a magical moment that comes to mind when you look back on your life experience.

My first winter in the northeast was the result of needing a change and some time to reflect. It was meant to be a 1 year adventure with my son(10 years old) to give both his dad and myself, time apart. We rented a house in the country in upstate NY within walking distance to my son’s school. The school had a farm and our house only heated by a wood burning stove. At this point I must remind you that we were fresh from life lived in southern CA.

I’d not yet encountered a wood stove in my travels!! It was the most magical, fulfilling year of my life! My heart never left this area!

Cff: If you were able to prepare a meal for anyone – dead or alive, who would it be? What would you want to discuss with that person? What would you serve?

Probably Eleanor of Aquitaine. The discussion would be endless! I’d want to serve her something French!

Cff: What is your favorite color? Why? chartreuse!!! it’s just awesome!

Cff: What is your favorite place to spend time? Here in this amazing area in which I live. Between NY, MA, VT and CT, I’m completely consumed!

Cff: What is your goal or main focus for your next 12 months? Marketing! I’m 100% in my business now so it’s time to make things align and get momentum.

Cff: What/who is your community? Probably my living community is the Hawthorne Valley Farm (it’s a school, farm and organic market) group that I live amongst. It’s full of thinkers and people that care about the planet and the food they eat and the footprint they leave! It’s also a spiritually conscious group!!

Cff: Do you have an upcoming event or significant happening that you would like to promote with your blog posting? When? Where? Details and contact information please.

THIS WEEKEND, FEBRUARY 15TH!!! OPEN HOUSE IN THE BARN 3:00-7:00 26 Gardina Lane Ghent NY, 12075 (right off of the Taconic Parkway)

ring 518-598-955 contact: Chrisie Cordrey FB has lots of pics at CorduroyShop Furniture and pillows of recycled textiles! *a point of view*