Day in the Life - January 6, 2014

This is Violet, my youngest kid.  She is six and full of all sorts of ethereal magic. One morning at the bus stop she quietly divulged to me that she had collected 31 leprechauns in her pockets along the way.  Hummmm,  .  .     .     . I was not sure how to respond.  She presents me with such insights on a pretty regular basis.  Spends a lot of time with my dad in her dreams – and tells me all about their adventures - he died before she was three.

Violet is very tall for 6. I mean VERY tall!  She is 4 inches taller at 54 ¼” than her older sister Lucy, and weighs in at 80lbs.  She loves to sing and go to ballet and has zero interest in basketball or team sports.

Lately Violet has been experiencing pretty chronic back pain.  We have been to the Chiropractor who is awesome and provides short-lived relief. Today we went to see Dr. Melanie - X-rays, an Osteopath, and Physical Therapy, coming up!

Oh and did I tell you about our health insurance?  New, with the new year, from the company who bought my hubby’s business (and who he has contracted employment with for 12 months) $3600 out of pocket ANNUALLY-  then they cover 90%.  Details on that for another post.

Looking forward to eliminating Violet’s all day long pain.  Seems to stem from a combination of fast growth, her ‘low muscle tone’ and lack of core strength.  I’m thinking weekly yoga class together would be good for both of us.

For immediate relief the doctor gave us homeopathic Silicea 30 - 3pills 3x/day, advised three doses of Kids Advil/day and hot Epsom salts baths every evening for three days.  Seems to be doing the trick.  Relieving for both of us.  So hard to watch your kid in pain – prolly a lot harder to BE a kid in pain.