Vendor Profile | Lou's Upcycles

Lou's Upcycles | Lou Leelyn, Ecoartist | Wendell, MA 1.  The first thing I remember making was a marshmallow snowman family in preschool.  Three towering marshmallows with cloves for eyes and fabric scraps for the clothes. They finally broke down after 30 years and I had to say goodbye to them last Christmas when the high fructose corn syrup met it's match with the high humidity of western mass summers.   My mom kept every single handmade debacle I ever created so I've been able to track the hits and misses over the years.  I was so fortunate, as many of us were, to early education teachers who knew the benefit of creativity in the classroom.

2.  I knew then that one could make anything they wanted by looking around to see what materials were available.  Since then, I have rarely gone to the store to shop for supplies, everything could be made with what's on hand.

3. Today's passion stems from our unabashed consumption and waste.  I continue to use things that are destined for the waste stream by turning them into fun, educational and activist pieces of creative work.

4.  In my music player you'll find everything from Baroque to Bob Dylan, Afrobeat to Ambient Electronica.  I can turn on and off a mood with one touch of the play button.  Music and art are why I get up in the morning.

5.  Chocolate cake.  Does this even have to be debated?  The only details to work out are whether it's flourless and is there ice cream on the side.