WIN a Potholder Rug!

The first week of most months you will find a FREE GIVE AWAY right here!  This month the featured products are my well known and loved Pothholder Rugs!

First there were Ragamuffins, followed by blankets, mittens, and sweaters.  .  .  and my raw material sweater sources were drying up.  Then, in 1988, I bought my first 1000 lb bale of used wool sweaters.


I know, I’ll buy in bulk, with the goal being to turn the whole bale into something of added value.  Once accomplished, I could consider myself to be doing my part to bring awareness to cultural excessive consumption and inspire others to think creatively about textile waste.

The part of the puzzle that enabled me to realize my goal were (and are) Potholder Rugs.  They can literally be made from any sort of stretchy waste fabric.  In 1988 they were the product that consumed the lesser grade used wool sweaters and turned that, real trash, “The bottom of the Bale” into something that still startles me with simple function and rich aesthetic.

This month I am giving any 2.5x3.5ft potholder rug shown in my shop - away to the lucky winner drawn from all those who answer the questions below.

( A winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday 8/14 around noon.  Entrants should only comment once, must have not won anything from me in the last 12 months, and, they must have a US address for shipping, or agree to pay shipping costs.)

To Enter:  Answer these three questions in the comment box below:

Do you celebrate a giving holiday at the end of the year?

If so:

Which one?

Can you commit to giving at least 50% handmade gifts this year?


Oh, and if you are interested in gifting Potholder Rugs for your Giving Holiday, consider taking my full day, no secrets Potholder Rug Weaving Workshop on September 28.  $195 covers the use of all tools and materials for the day.  Looms are available too.  Register by phone or email.  413-236-9600 or