Give Away Wednesday - Bring Your Own Bag

You know the age-old grocery store question – Paper or Plastic?  I never really knew how to answer that question with the best results for the environment in mind.  Then there is the response of the bagger to consider when asking for paper bags, or better yet, asking them to pack your re-useable bags.  At our conventional grocery stores it is hard to come in from outside the norm.  Sometimes I bring a cardboard box to pack my stuff in which is sure to get at least a frown from the usual baggers.   Well peeps, this is all beginning to shift!  Check out this awesome visual of municipal Plastic Bag Bans all across the world!  Great Barrington MA has just added themselves to the growing ranks of towns across this country! Ireland has been doing it for more than 10 years!

So the question is not Paper or Plastic, the question is, how to ensure remembering the reuseable bags.  In Ireland there is a $.75 per bag tax that incentivizes citizens enough that disposable bag use has diminished to almost zero since 2002.  Way to go!

I have a simple pattern to make very inexpensive reusable bags.  I stock my car, my husband’s truck, home and work with a sack of these so they are always where they are needed.  Plus, if you loan them out they provide incentive to your friends to do their part as well.

Leave a comment below with your ideas on how we can reduce our needs for single use plastics.  To thank you for your thoughts we’ll enter you in this month’s random drawing!  The winner will receive a complete re-useable bag making kit!  This includes: a used (and clean!) t-shirt, a brand new pair of fabric cutting scissors, a handsewing needle and thread (threaded for you to get started right away!),printed directions for cutting and making re-usable bags for all your needs, AND a sample of a finished bag so you have something to follow!  Wowsers!  The LUCKY WINNER will be announced on Friday afternoon - on my facebook page.  Winners must have a USA shipping address or be willing to pay shipping and they mustn't have won anything from here in the last 12 months.

Stop back on the first Wednesday of each month for Give-Away Wednesday!  Spread it around, bring your friends by – we are all in this together – working our way to preserving clean air, food, and water for all!!