ReConsumerEyes - Clotheslines

I listen to podcasts often. This American Life and Alternative Radio are my favorites.  It is enjoyable to learn current events without the pace and need for filter that other ‘news’ sources require.  Lately, it has become crystal clear, that the MOST important issue we all face is the dire situation with our environment.   Without clean air and water – our BASIC human requirements – nothing else can really matter.  Seeing the gravity of our headlong dash toward human species ruin is daunting.  Terrifying. I feel uplifted when I  hear David Suzuki speak on how we have the ability to create a new way and he makes me aware that I HAVE to take a positive role – present solutions, teach perspective options, lead.  It is our duty as truth seers to share our visions.  No judgment, no us vs. them just a new way to see things – ReConsumerEyes.

– Clotheslines –

When our family was living in our Tree-Top home at the rectory, our electric bill was $45 a month.  I bitched at Chris for 5 years about the fact that there was a brand new dryer sitting, unused, in the laundry closet that he just needed to install.   During that time I fell in deeply in love with my clothesline – and the warm weather that made hanging laundry pleasant and efficient.  Being that we lived on the third floor, Biggie, hung me a line from our kitchen window out to a maple tree near the train tracks.   It took two good-sized loads to fill it.  Brightly-colored prayer-flaggish kids clothes shook love and innocence on that neighborhood, which was in so much need.  With this realization, my dryer-installation nagging waned and I fell more deeply in love with my hubby.

We moved to Fairyland on the mountain, where there was a washer/dryer and all, and our electric bill is $100 a month!

Not much else changed as far as our consumption goes.  So, as soon as our deep snow cover gave way, I installed a good long clothesline. This line has taken a while to become useful, needed to replace the first faulty line-tensioner I bought, and Biggie helped with a few tweaks.  But then, YAY!  I love to hang laundry.  Yesterday I took in a load of wash that had been hanging for a week.  It had finally dried – it rained, and rained, and cold rained last week.   This week is off to a sunny start!

Hanging laundry outside when the weather is chilly made me appreciative of the warmth of my tiny kitchen on Melville and the clean laundry stacked on the kitchen table.  When it’s really cold or rains there are options for indoor clothes drying.  They do require indoor space and if you plan for it, drying clothes indoors is easy.  In winter, when our air gets so very dry, the moisture is welcome.  We have a large wooden drying rack and it might be a good idea to get a clothesline going in our attached garage for next winter.