ReconsumerEyes - The Egg Man

Always on the look out for helpful ways to maintain the lifestyle I/we love while reducing the pile of waste at the end of the day. This weekly column showcases my findings to inspire our collective strive for a diminishing footprint. What do you use, or do, in your life that helps reduce the waste you create in your day? Suggestions welcome.

We love Easter because it signifies the start of spring and the rejuvenation of life around us. But this holiday tends to land us with a lot of waste – all those decorated Easter eggs! This year, we went on a hunt for an innovative way to dispose of Easter eggs while helping Mother Nature regenerate.

Paul West of Gardening with Urban Nitrogen sent out the word in March 2012 that he was collecting Easter eggs from homes in West Seattle to turn into homemade nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Nitrogen, he says, is the most important component for supporting plant growth. And some of the best sources of nitrogen are in our everyday food waste like sour milk, expired or hard-boiled eggs, beans, lean meat, low-fat yogurt, and tofu.

Paul ended up with oodles of eggs for his pilot project, and luckily, left us instructions for how to do it. We love Paul’s method – as simple as putting eggs in a blender – and wanted to share this bit of inspiration. Consider giving the Earth a rebirth by making fertilizer from old eggs this year. Or, tell us your own solution for a waste-free Easter!

You can find Paul’s recipe for homemade garden fertilizer on his blog