First Wednesday FREE GIVE-AWAY

The first Wednesday of each month I conduct a FREE-GIVE-AWAY!  Winners are chosen at random from those who leave comments, here - on my first Wednesday Blog post.  Winners must not have won from me in the last 12 months and must have a US address for shipping their winnings.  

This month, a pair of my favorite fabric cutting scissors – Mundail, 8” bent trimmers are up for grabs.  They are tried and true and last for years with proper care.  Proper care involves using them for fabric only, keeping them clean, by wiping them off with a soft cloth after use, adding a drop of sewing machine oil to the center screw every once in a while, and never dropping them on a hard floor.

I use my Mundial 8" Bent Trimmers for most of the hand cutting I do in the studio.  (Rotary cutters save my tired hands for straight cuts.)  These are the scissors supplied to students in my workshops and were used in every aspect of production when my studio was a whir of employees.  They strong and durable, they keep a sharp edge and are big hit! At my workshops students often purchase a pair after using them for the day.

Speaking of workshops, stay tuned for a calendar chock full through the end of the year with all sorts of options for making and learning, in studio and off-site.  In the meantime, try your luck, leave a comment below detailing what you could use a nice new pair of awesomely sharp fabric scissors to cut.  Snip-Snap, Tick-Tock, Chop Chop.  The winner will be announced on Friday, March 8 sometime around noon.