ReConsumerEyes - Cuppow!

Always on the look out for helpful ways to maintain the lifestyle I/we love, while reducing the pile of waste at the end of the day. This weekly column showcases my findings to inspire our collective strive for a diminishing footprint. What do you use, or do, in your life that helps reduce the waste you create in your day? Suggestions Welcome.

Put a CUPPOW! in your day ~ I found these sippy tops at my favorite Coffee Shop here in Shire City. Dottie’s Coffee Lounge is right around the corner from the studio and is a welcome refuge from the cold and craziness. Jess, who runs the joint is a comrade in the peace battle for our planet. Cuppows are pricey and worth every cent – turns any old mason jar into a completely viable to-go cup. They come in Wide and Regular mouth size. I love them, my kids love them, and my car is less splattered in coffee and apple cider than it has been since our discovery.