ReConsumerEyes - Eat-In Kitchen

We moved to my husband's family home this past summer.  The house built in two phases, one as a cabin in 1907 and the second, post and beam built by hand by my hubby and friends. It has been a rental for the last few years and was consequently empty when we arrived.

FUN~  Making home and being here, on a dirtroad off a dirtroad, with family history and acres of woodland to explore and relish.

It always takes me a while to decide what will work best for us. And the fact that my hubby and I are the king and queen of construction zone living adds to the delayed timing in getting things the way we really want them.  It has been nearly seven years of our wedded bliss that has entailed living in an unfinished place and there have been LOTS of them!  When we moved in here I was unaware that the plan was to gut the old part of the house right away.  Now that that is done, we are settling in to our cozy mountain home and we have no plans to live anywhere else - ever.

The kitchen, built by hand, is about 15 years old, post and beam, radiant heat in the concrete floor, awesome Viking stove and oven, wooden countertops, and the cleanest most delicious tap water I have drank in many years. (My mouth waters for a sip.)  There are big french doors that will eventually open onto a patio and windows that overlook a currently overgrown (but not for long) meadow in back.  All of those things were set when we arrived.  For the first few months we used the picnic table left behind by generous tenants as our kitchen furniture but we moved that heavy thing back outside and have UPGRADED.

All the furniture in our kitchen is well made, sturdy and perfect for our decor and lifestyle and it is all recycled.

The table, seats 8 and was a Salvation Army find - it is oak, might have been school furniture, and cost $40.  Three handy drawers are used for cutlery, cloth napkins and napkin rings, and our pens and notepads.  The legs at the corners accommodate chairs easily.

Speaking of chairs, I was so excited when I found these at my new favorite vintage furnishings store, Circa.  Located just around the corner from my studio and next door to Dottie's Coffee Lounge, Circa is a welcomed recent addition to Pittsfield's Upstreet Cultural District.  All four chairs are in wonderful condition, and have stood the test of rigor in our house.  The set was $195.

The yellow bench is a 'sit in' for the pew I am refinishing. Wild Sage, another of Pittsfield's finest used furniture shops, is where I found it for a bargain at $80. It actually came to me as a prop for my New York Gift Fair booth back in the day and when that chapter was over it landed in my home. There is a funny story about it that I'll save for another day.

The dahlias on the table came from Hallelujah! Cut Flower CSA at Shire City Sanctuary  ($200 for the 15 week season) and the vase they are in is actually a cocktail shaker from Brimfield ($7). Everything pictured here for under $300!  Feels good to find treasures and support local mostly small businesses at the same time!

ReConsumerEyes is a column written to shed light on the need, and to share ideas about how, to adjust our consumption down a notch.  If we all take note and pay attention to how much we use vs. how much we need we can make measurable change without much compromise.  Be creative, it is really fun to reuse, shop handmade and recycled, build relationships with people along the way and make a solid impact with simple choices.