Holiday Studio Sale 2012

Every year since 1989 I have hosted a studio sale for the holidays. When the event initially came to fruition its purpose was to offer local clientele an opportunity to buy my wares. At the time my business was focused on 350 domestic and international wholesale accounts, none were especially local. Many aspects of my life have morphed and changed. This year (my 23rd) Shire City Sanctuary Holiday Shindy will be held on December 8&9. Come join us in the heart of Pittsfield, MA at the former Notre Dame (Roman Catholic) church my hubby and I bought in 2006. Forty strikingly accomplished, mainly regional, artist/makers are working tirelessly to stock their coffers for our festivities. Each maker will be featured here beginning October 1 and culminating December 8th. May we pique your interest in our regional ware/fare and entice you to come shopping – in person is most fun and online works just fine too.


Oh and PS:     shin·dy  shin-dee] noun, plural shin·dies. Informal . 1. a row; rumpus. 2. a shindig.