I LOVE Bubble Stuff


I love Bubble stuff - and bubbles for that matter!  I just really don't like bubble stuff when it gets spilled on my laptop!
So, while on Cape Cod soaking up some super amazing beach days, the two, sweet little lovelies in my life spilled the homemade bubble stuff right next to my computer. Splishety-Splash! onto the track pad it went - rendering the computer useless.
Just back in the studio after a visit to Mad Macs, our friendly neighborhood, privately owned Mac store with a $75 blue tooth mouse to hold me over til the new tracking assemply comes in on Monday or Tuesday and can be installed to the tune of another $125.  It could have been far worse for sure - in so many ways.  It kept me from having the ability to do much work on my vacation.
Like I said, I LOVE bubble stuff.
I am back in the saddle now and ready to focus on Dolphin Studio Calendar, stuff with my friend Jeff Bass from Red Fish Blue Fish Dyeworks who is helping us out with the printing this year.  (Along with a fresh batch of home made bubble stuff.)
1/8 C. karo syrup
1/8 C. Dawn Dish Soap (other brands probably work just fine.)
2 3/4 C. tap water
Pour karo syrup and dish soap into a pint sized mason jar.  Fill with tap water.  Stir gently.  Blow Bubbles.
PS. According to the counter clientele, at The Becket General Store, Dawn Dish Soap takes the itch right out of bug bites.  Not sure we would vouch for that remedy, we did try it, which is why we had Dawn Dish Soap on hand.