Day In The Life

Lucy and Violet have been spending their days in the care of our dear friends at Brattle Farm for the last few years and they are starting school for the first time on September 4.   Nervous excitement fills them up – especially at bedtime.  They tell me that they don’t want to go to school but I think they are going to LOVE it.  Lucy will be going straight  to first grade and Violet right behind her in kindergarten.  They are, after all, the world’s best sisters,  While spats are a daily occurrence the bond they carry is tangible and strong and will certainly help them on their bus ride and school adventures.  I am working on thinking the whole thing is a great idea and that they are going to thrive and be happy little scholars.  I am also working on making lunches they are used to, packaged to travel without bundles of plastic wrap, disposable containers, or compromised ingredients.