ReConsumerEyes - Popsicle Mold

ReComsumerEyes is a weekly column I write to shed light on simple ways we can lighten our load on the sweet planet Earth.

My friend Adrianne found this stainless steel popsicle mold for sale online.  It cost $40 so I was hesitant to take the plunge and order one.  When the weather turned scorching and the kids were asking for popsicles I realized how this handy little tool would pay for itself in just one season!  The natural, low sugar pops I could find at the grocery store cost nearly $1 each when buying a box of 6.  Not only could I save on buying pops, I could control ingredients, know that my family was not ingesting chemicals off-gassed by similar molds made of plastic, and eliminate wasteful packaging.  Hummm

Win Win Win!

I ordered a mold and have been really happy with it.  Because popsicle sticks are used – rather than handles, one can make lots of pops with fresh summertime fruit and store them away in the freezer.  We have been making smoothies with fresh pick-your-own berries, filling the holders, and eating them as fast as they are made. It is my plan to try to get ahead of these popsicle-inhaling monsters and have some in the freezer for fall.  Wish me luck!