Freak of the Week - Kate Barnes

I first met Kate when she landed in town with her new boyfriend, Matt, a dear friend, and tribe member.  She was a sailor from the West Indies – curly haired, browned by the sun, fit, funny and beautiful, Matt was onto something!

She was a child magnet, and my son, Ben, then 3 or 4 fell into her.  She sings, makes amazing noises, plays pretty much any instrument, does accents – Irish and Deep South to a T.  She is an animal lover, gardener, organized thinker, helper, and fearless adventurer.   In addition to all of that, upon knowing Kate for a period of a few months, I realized, that she really is a painter.  Oh My.  A magical communicator through her gift – a painter of people, and places, and other worldliness.

At my wedding pot luck dinner party back in 2004, it was Kate who reinforced our knowing we were meant for each other.  She, and an old and dear friend of my hubby, were, and still are old dear friends.  They had known each other since her sailor days in the Virgin Islands.  Both had traveled distances from different places to be with us that night.  Ahhh, there is so much magic.

Many years have passed.  Ben is 19 now and the connection that we hold with Kate stays strong and clear.  She lives in Maine, has two beautiful little girls and married her cute Russian boyfriend from Brooklyn.  She paints, and started a gallery.  She is taking the summer to ponder the changes happening at her Common Street Arts in Waterville, ME as it transitions to a Not For Profit entity run by the city.  She is selling her house in Oakland, ME and moving to the woods.  Funny how our paths parallel.   This week was enriched by her visit.   Our girls getting to know each other took all of 20 minutes.  I love yous were shared by all as we parted.  Mila gave Lucy the special penny she carries in her pocket today.  Kate refreshed my memories of love and connection and the tribe we still are.