Bit of a Stir

Everything has been in a bit of a stir.  We are moving.  From center city Pittsfield, MA – an urban setting with lots of pedestrian capacity, TONS of teenage pregnancy, and crack heads, to Maple Lodge in Becket, MA.  Maple Lodge has been in Chris’ family for several generations, nestled in a sunny clearing in the woods, 17 miles to the east, a growing zone colder, a world away - starry starry skies and crickets.

Becket schools are better, gentler, and smaller, the air, land, and thinking a little cleaner.  My studio remains at Shire City Sanctuary, housed in the former Notre Dame Church at 40 Melville Street right in the heart of this city.  We will be camping til the former tenants vacate our soon to be home.  Please pardon my inconsistent posting schedule these last few weeks and expect more of the same til August hits.  Stop by and visit to see our progress and other fun new things happening in the whirlwind.

From this:

To this: