Wanderlust Interruption

We head out across the sea to 'the continent' on a super cheap flight with strict carry-on luggage restrictions and have chosen to leave the extra weight of the laptop in Ireland.  Please excuse the four day interruption in my blog posts.  Stay in touch with me on facebook as we adventure into Germany and back.

Take note!  As this month's First Wednesday Free Give Away is going to have to wait  . .  .   .   .    .    .  and be a SECOND WEDNESDAY FREE GIVE AWAY!  Check in on Wednesday June 13th as I settle back into home an conjure up a action packed GIVE AWAY.  Hummm,   .   .    .     .     I got my thinking cap on!

Working on samples and refining my curriculum for an upcoming Recycled T-Shirt Garment Studio Workshop scheduled for July 22 and 23.  Reserve a space by emailing me at Crispinaffrench@gmail.com, or calling 413-441-9766 soon and don't miss out.  It is going to be amazing!


With Love and a swell in my adventurous heart ~  Crispina