ReConsumerEyes - Sunscreen

A couple summers ago it dawned on me, as I was rubbing sunscreen into my sweet little girls’ skin, that I actually had no idea what was in the concoction I was so diligently applying to keep my children safe in the ever-strengthening sun.  Research ensued and holy moly ~ it is pretty frightening what little is known about and regulated in the realm of sunscreens!  Wowsers!

My inquisition lead me to use beach umbrellas, light weight clothing and wide brimmed hats as much as possible to keep my family’s skin safe, while still feeling compelled to lather up exposed areas with questionable ‘protectants’.

As the sun became strong and the temperature rose to t-shirt and shorts weather this March (!!) my questions came back.  What is the best, safest way to keep skin safe in the sun?  Look what I found, a company called MadeOn Skin Care Products with a recipe using 4 ingredients to make sunscreen!  It is safer and much less expensive than any alternative AND cuts all that crazy plastic packaging right out of the loop.  It is on my calendar for this weekend to whip up a batch.  I’ll let you know the results.

See ratings of the sunscreen you are using and decide if you want to continue to support your brand or hop on the DIY bus too!