ReConsumerEyes - Seed Starting

Our garden is brimming with tiny little sprouts peeking through, reaching skyward.  Yesterday’s long awaited and heartily welcomed soaking rain aids in healthy transition from starting tray to ground.  This time of year nourishes my soul – so much so, that during the growing season I run a cut flower CSA.  Each $225 share holder gets a weekly bouquet from the garden from mid June through September. (Email if you are interested in buying a share.) With all this joy there is one downside that worries me.  None of the plastic pots, six-pack holders, or seed trays are recyclable in our area.  When gazing down the glorious rows of plants at any of our local nurseries my initial inhale of glee is followed by a stomach churn realizing how much volume of plastic is siting there, destined for one of the five major oceanic gyres.  Eeesssch!

Here are some alternative ideas:  On the left - wooden seed starting trays, top center - Pot Maker, make your own from recycled newspaper, top right – ecofriendly Cow Pots made from recycled cow poop, bottom center – seeds starting in soil blocks made by the Handheld Soil Blocker on the bottom right.

If you are a local gardener, Taft Farms,in Great Barrington has a drop-off for used pots - that they reuse, and Pittsfield residents can access our recycle schedule here.