ReConsumerEyes - Dottie's Coffee Lounge

Our neighborhood is graced by Dottie’s Coffee Lounge, that is owned and run by Jessica Lamb. She is a Berkshire County native who has come home from The Big Apple to spread her good word. Included in her message is the desire to teach environmental stewardship by example. One of the ways she is doing this is through her glass jar coffee to-go program. Customers bring her empty glass jars that are about the size of a good cuppa coffee. When ordering drinks to-go, one can request a jar rather than the standard paper cup with ‘Java Jacket’. Pretty simple stuff that really makes a difference!

Dottie’s Coffee Lounge is an oasis of fun and culture here in Pittsfield right on the corner of North and Maplewood. Be sure to stop in for a most delicious coffee or lunch if you are in this neck of the woods.

ReConsumerEyes is a weekly column written by Crispina ffrench highlighting simple ideas to lessen our global footprint. If you have an idea for a feature please email