Freak of the Week - Mercedes Varona

I first met Mercedes through my parents as she is a neighbor, and has become a dear friend here in Kinvara, the place we call home in Ireland.  She and her lovely partner, Dr. Margaret Brehony, have become known in our house as the Margarets – an endearing term coined by my little ones when they were littler.  Originally from Cuba, a magical land my wonderful, late dad, son, hubby (long before we even courted) and I visited on a couple of occasions.  The land of her heritage, garnered instant interest from my father - a world traveler, linguist, and person lover. His initial inquisitivity lead to the long friendship that has ensued. Mercedes practices Chinese medicine, is an accomplished acupuncturist and recently began producing a line of all natural skin care products using bee’s wax and honey from the hives she tends in her garden.  Everything Mercedes touches is touched with love and care and a good dose of high-jinx.  While highly trained and knowledgeable, Mercedes is thoughtful, fun loving and approachable – and I might add, a wonderful cook!  She and Margaret grow a large portion of their food, make and sell medicinal tinctures, and entertain crowds with ease.  Their warmth is felt all around them by people of all ages.  Here are her answers to my standard Freak of the Week questions:

  1. Share with me a quick history about yourself and business.

MV - One night a bee came to me and told me- use my beeswax for your cream, it makes the skin healthy, nice and smooth. As long you love us, we will love you.

2. Who has been most influential in your work?

MV - My parents and my bees

3. When and How did you know to follow your entrepreneurial path?

MV - After I finished my Acupuncture training in 1996, I had to start to work in what I learned.

4. Have you had more than one business in your life?  Tell me about that.

MV - Yes The Acupuncture Clinic for the last 15 years where I do acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and my Bee Kind skin care line has developed in the last year

5. Where do you find your inspiration?

MV - In my work

6. Aside from working, how do you spend your time?

MV - In my garden, with my bees, cooking, with my friends etc

7. What is your fondest memory?  Why?

MV - At 5, watching the wind move free in the open space. I don’t know why.

8. Has there been a single most magical moment that comes to mind when you look back on your life experience?

MV - When I first fell in love

9. If you were able to have lunch with anyone – dead or alive, who would it be?

MV - Margaret Brehony

10. What are you most passionate about?

MV - Dreaming

11. What is a goal for your next 12 months?

MV - That people know about Bee Kind and try it

12. Where would you like to be in 10 years?

MV - I don’t know, now I am in Kinvara Galway Ireland.

You can find Mercedes at:

The Acupuncture Clinic and Bee Kind natural skin care products, Dooras Kinvara Co. Galway Ireland,,

Open hours: 10am to 7pm Tuesday to Thursday and Friday from 10am to 3pm - Etsy shop coming soon!