Planetary Rescue Squad

Planetary Rescue Squad – Are YOU worthy?  This developing line of recycled cotton sweatshirts are reserved for the good, doing selfless good for the general benefit our fragile planet.   Leave a comment telling us what you are doing to be honored this way.

Personally, I am working on recycling discarded clothing into useful garb so others may be inspired to wear and create.  Teaching by example to rethink and use what has already been made – reducing our ever growin’ footprint.

Two side notes:

  1. It was recently brought to my attention by a charter member of the squad, that there is a PBS program bearing the same name.  New name suggestions anyone?
  2. This sweatshirt is a Men’s XL.  It will be featured in Alchemy Initiative’s Recycled Fashion Show Fundraiser featured on Ebay launching in time for Earth Day.