Earth Day - Handmade or Recycled

Today, Earth Day, we honor our Mother planet, the one who gives all life.  My days are filled with question about how best to share the urgency I feel to live Earth’s adoration.  I am proud to have curated a Fashion Show highlighting the best fashion designers out there using recycled materials.  Please take a moment to see all the amazing clothing designed by professionals, and donated to Alchemy Initiative to sell to support the mission- Drawing community through the arts, food, and careful consumption.

Bidding on these amazing things ends tonight!  So far, there are some unheard of deals that should not be missed.  Click this link (and scroll down) to see what I am talking about and remember to err on the side of handmade or recycled when making any purchase!

Namaste, Great Mother Earth – I nod to the wellspring of magic in you that gives us each our magic.