Meri Avratin - Freak of the Week

Meri Avratin is my freak of this week.

She and I have been friends more than half our lives.  In addition to that history, we share a passion for used clothing, good music, alternative tropical vacations, cute kids and hiking with dogs.

On a recent Friday fieldtrip, we visited Meri’s vintage clothing shop, Sideshow Clothing Co., located at 707 Warren Street in Hudson NY.  Groovy big band tunes spinning on a behind-the-counter turntable, welcome shoppers to the experience.  The shop is clean, fresh and full (but not too packed – as some vintage shops tend to be) with all sorts of handmade ethnic or otherwise notable vintage goodies.  Merchandise is mostly for adults with a substantial men’s department and a small but noteworthy children’s rack.  Boss boots and shoes for every foot size round out Sideshow’s treasure collection.

Both Lucy and Violet found outfits they could not leave without as did I.  We got a swanky western shirt and pair of jeans for Ben too.  I am realizing now, that each of the three dresses we chose, are handmade.  Violet, who is usually nonchalant about her attire, bee-lined to the kids rack, found a home made ballerina dress that she pulled on (all by herself!) over the outfit she was wearing and adorned her head with an off-white antique felt fedora from Switzerland.  Then it was pointed toes and pirouettes throughout the shop and out onto the stoop while Lucy and I took our time trying-on.  I found a beautiful highly embroidered Mexican wedding dress that fits me perfectly.  Lucy fell in love with a Gunne Sax style Laura Ingalls Wilder/purple princess gown that looked like it was made for her.

After shopping, we headed out into the rainy afternoon with Meri for a warm cup of tea at the other end of Warren Street.

While this visit was kid and blog oriented, Meri, Lucy, Violet, and I are planning an adventure to warmer climes next winter.  Meri is a fluent Spanish speaker and has traveled extensively in Puerto Rico.  It seems like a really easy destination with kids so we are putting that on the calendar for February 2013.