Your Bag

In this day of excessive consumption and unprecedented global waste, plastic is found in our soil, it pollutes our oceans, and rivers.  Re-Usable bags are easy to make with very little skill and in virtually no time!  From an environmental standpoint, ReUseable bags are really the only way to shop, travel, organize, and accessorize.  (Just ask Lucy - she organizes all her baby doll clothing into little bags we made in the studio by recycling t-shirts.)

Step 1. Prepping

Fold smooth a clean t-shirt down the middle matching shoulder seams.

Step 2. Cutting

Cut a right angle from shoulder seam straight down toward hem, turning a 90 degree corner and finishing just under the arm (this cut removes the sleeves from the body of the shirt.)   Make a second 90 degree cut from the shoulder seam toward shirt hem, this time turn the opposite direction from where the sleeves were located.  Finish this cut by removing the front center of the shirt - which will include the neck edge of the shirt.  Discard the pieces you have cut away from the main body of the shirt.

Step 3. Positioning for Sewing (and printing in my case)

Open the center fold in shirt (soon to be bag).  Pinch and hold the shirt at the center front and back (where the fold had been) and reposition the shirt so that the front and back center points become the corners of the bottom edge. This step makes the bag handles shift into position.  Smooth front and back in preparation of your next step - Sewing!

Step 4. Sewing

Sew straight across the straight, bottom edge (usually the hem) of the shirt.  I use my serger for this step which is durable, allows for some stretch and adds a little color.  You can use a zig-zag, straight stitch even to this step by hand.  Presto!  A bag!

I make these for sale in my shop.  They come packaged in a handmade envelope with a set of visual instructions enclosed.