Let There Be Light

My hubby and I bought the former Notre Dame church and rectory in center city Pittfield, MA a few years back.  My studio, along with The Dolphin Studio printing room, the Alchemy Initiative offices, and a few other art spaces, are located in the lower level of the church. As improvement projects go, this is a big one!  The rectory has been transformed into four beautiful living units (with two more coming in the next year or so).  Originally designed as condominiums, we have rented three completed units and live on the third floor in the fourth finished space.  It is just easier to rent apartments than to sell condos these days.  Gotta feed the pig.

Our current focus is on the former Bingo Hall, now studio space.   The church had replaced huge windows with metal panels to accommodate the venting of 6 giant sized smoke-eaters.  Apparently, the seating chart for 400 we found, was comprised of many smokers that frequented the bingo hall.

The space is transforming as we delve into window re-replacement with insulated glass.   Let there be light!

A sprinkler system, new lighting, a fresh coat of white paint, entry and door replacement are on the agenda too!  I’ll keep you posted here and if you are interested, there will be studio space for rent beginning in March or April.  Completely rehabbing the former church kitchen into a lovely production and teaching kitchen is part of our plan too!  Stay tuned for weekly updates here.