Kilt For the New Millenium

Last winter it was really cold and really snowy here in the Berkshire Hills.  Being an admittedly addicted trail runner I found my bum uncomfortably cold most days.  The answer was wool - a bum warmer of sorts - a simple wool wrap to keep the heat in and a pocket for my phone.  It worked!  People loved it and I began selling them as fast as I could conjure them up from the sweater pile.

Well that was LAST year!

I have this dear and flamboyant friend, Daniel.  He owns our favorite spot for nights out called The Dream Away Lodge. The lodge is well outfitted with Crispina-Ware and so is Daniel - who I did not have to convince, would look dashing in one of my 'Kilts'.  Being the fit and handsome man that Daniel is, it seemed that even a tight-ish wool bum-wrap kilt needed belt-loops.  So here they are, Kilts, with belt-loops and sturdier pockets.  This little one was last night's creation.  There is Daniel's one, another I have worn all winter and more to come.  Stay tuned.  Stay tuned too for more in depth coverage about The Dream Away Lodge. It sort of feels like telling the world about your favorite swimming hole, but I promise to give you the deets one day soon.  In the meantime I'll cover your butt.